Juxtaprose is a game featuring famous quotes.  During gameplay, each quote is divided into five pieces and each piece is randomly ordered and assigned to a cartoon character as a "thought bubble".  Watch the thoughts and rearrange the characters by sliding them left or right.  The faster you solve the puzzle the more points you score.  Juxtaprose is a novel and amusing way to get your daily dose of inspirational and thought provoking quotes.

Juxtaprose is a great game on its own but you can upgrade to the Premium version (by pressing the "Go Premium" within the application) to gain these additional features:

  1. 1. Removal of advertisements from the application

  2. 2. Additional characters.

  3. 3. Lots more quotes - with even more to come.

We hope you enjoy this game and that you will share your thoughts on how we can improve it in future versions.